Our Story‚Äč

Physical Trading

The trading and marketing of a broad spectrum of physical products is the foundation on which the company was originally founded. It remains an important aspect of our business to this day and will always be a fundamental part of our corporate identity. 


The movement of our various products in an efficient and timely manner has forever been integral to the success of our overall operations. Upon the founding of Altitude, a major focus was placed on ensuring our logistical operations will always remain one of our core competencies. 

Credit Trading

Renewable fuel trading and marketing has been a focal point of our operations since the inception of Altitude. Credit trading has grown to be vital in establishing Altitude as a market leader in the renewable energy space.  Our history in credit trading has given us the knowledge to be at the forefront of these dynamic and  ever evolving markets. RINs, LCFS, and various carbon credits are amongst our most actively traded assets. 

Our Team

Ian Meltzer

(201) 960-5757

Mark Shufelt

Mark Shufelt
Owner, President
Mobile: (403) 614-7669

Michael Hopkovitz

Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: (718) 450-2596

Josh Hopkovitz

Accounting Manager
Mobile: (718) 755-2688

Sam Delgado

Business Development Latin America
Mobile: +525578680855

Marie Falzone

Office Manager
Office: (347) 273-1252
Fax: (347) 273-1271

(347) 273-1252