Altitude Industrial

Altitude Industrial, an affiliate of Altitude Fuel Inc is the exclusive marketer and
distributor for the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors for a cutting edge product
that is revolutionizing the industrial coatings industry. Epox-Z is a one coat system
which has zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), contains no toxic solvents, is
impervious to salt water, and boasts maximum U.V. light protection, making it a
stand alone product.

Most of the pertinent technical information as well as the history of the product,
and its multitude of uses amongst various industries can be found on

There are currently several key areas of focus for Altitude Industrial:
Wind Energy – An adoption of the Epox-Z system will vastly improve the reliability
and longevity of the wind blades, which, according to the National Renewable
Energy Laboratory (NREL), is the top driver of maintenance costs. It is our
motivation to educate the participants in the wind sector of the myriad of benefits of
applying Epox-Z at the production level to maximize longevity and reliability in the
blades, and to minimize down time and maintenance costs.

Waterborne Vessels, Fuel/Storage Tanks, Steel and Concrete Structures – Corrosion is
invariably an industry wide problem that has been an ever present concern for fuel
terminals. Epox-Z’s one coat application saves significant down time as well as
maintenance costs relative to the conventional three coat systems of other
competing epoxy products. The eco friendly merit also aid in allowing the storage and
terminal operators to meet the ever-changing environmental regulations.